Welcome to wiccanconference.org, now hosting the website for the Australian Wiccan Conference Inc.

Australian Wiccan Conference Incorporated (AWC Inc) formed in 2016 to provide formal continuity, mentoring and background administration for hosts and organisers of the Australian Wiccan Conference (the Conference / AWC). It will also provide a central hub for potential hosts to make their submissions to run future Conferences, and create a means of collating votes from the AWC community members should that be required.

For many years each host has had to create their project management tasks from scratch. It was decided by a group of some former AWC hosts that a means of preserving traditions as well as providing templates for policies, communication, websites and administration practices would be helpful for future hosts . Having a central body maintaining these templates would also provide a smooth transition between Hosts and provide a baseline standard for the future.
Due to the unique nature of the Conference usually changing hosts and States each year, over time some of the traditions and practices of the AWC have fallen into disuse or out of current memory. This has occurred subtly – mostly due to assumed rather than imparted knowledge by and to the AWC community. A core task of the AWC Inc Committee will therefore include researching, restoring and communicating these practices to future hosts via support and the annual formation of a joint Australian Wiccan Conference Organising Committee (AWCOC). AWC Inc will create and hold archival material and anecdotes from the AWC Community and its members, building on some of the excellent work undertaken by previous organisers and attendees.

The AWC Inc Committee combines a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge of the Australian Wiccan Conference, wiccan and pagan practices, event management and community organisations. We are endeavouring to create an organisation that can work in the background to provide a smooth transition between each Conference and act as a support to the wonderful, talented and varied AWC Community.

If you are interested in sitting on the Australian Wiccan Conference Inc Committee in the future, please read the Membership information here and have a look at the Constitution here .

We look forward to attending some more fabulous conferences in the future.

The AWC Inc Committee