What is the AWC?

The Australian Wiccan Conference (AWC) is an annual national gathering that focuses on Wicca, witchcraft and pagan practices. The conference is a chance for practitioners from across Australia to come together to share ideas and to celebrate the Spring Equinox. AWC organisers draw from the community to curate wonderful workshops, discussions, lectures, rituals and entertainment across the event.

When is it held?

The AWC is traditionally held in September on a weekend as close to the Southern Hemisphere Spring Equinox as possible.

Where is it held?

The AWC is a truly national event. As of 2008 it has been held in every state and territory of Australia. Previously, future host States have been decided upon at the AWC Moot either one or two years out. With the advent of AWC Inc, future hosts will be chosen by the AWC Inc Membership.