Applying to run an AWC

Who can apply to run an AWC?

The application process is very simple and is open to any Full Members who would like to apply to host the AWC. Only one member of the applying Host team is required to be a Full Member of AWC Inc. The online application form can be found here.

Who can vote on an Application to run the AWC?

All Full Members of AWC Inc will be provided with an opportunity to vote on the appointment of the organisers / hosts for the 2020 conference. The decision of the Executive Committee of AWC Inc is final. Only Paid Members will be eligible to vote for who hosts the next event.

What do we need to know before applying?

Sun1The successful hosting team will be required to sign a Service Level Agreement between themselves and AWC Inc. This Agreement is available as a PDF so that it can be read and understood before any application is made. The Service Level Agreement will cover a period of 2 years, beginning 18 months before the Conference (unless the bid is awarded less than 18 months before the Conference) and concluding 6 months after the Conference. This post Conference period is to be used to enable the completion of the accounts as well as the collation and distribution of the Conference Papers to attendees and Members of AWC Inc. This period will also be used to aid the smooth handover of relevant information, archives and items to the AWC Inc Committee and / or the next organisers.

(The Service Level Agreement is currently available as a DRAFT. A final version will be agreed upon by the AWC Inc Committee and the winners of the AWC XXXC Bid).

In your application, please include some information about your background and experience in organising events.

Only applications that provide an agreement to uphold the Traditions and Safety Statement will be accepted by the AWC Inc Committee.

What are the Traditions of the AWC that we need to uphold in our application?

There are several core traditions associated with the Australian Wiccan Conference that organisers will be required to maintain.

Dates and duration

The AWC is held over a week-end close to the Spring Equinox. Arrival is on Friday after lunch and departure on Sunday after lunch. At the discretion of the organisers, an additional day may be provided for departure on Monday after breakfast or lunch.


Cost is a critical factor for many members of the community and the organisers should secure a venue that provides a range of accommodation options and prices, including camping. If possible, for the benefit of locals or those that wish to stay off site, a day pass which does not include food or accommodation might be an option at a much reduced price.

Spring Maiden

The Spring Queen or Maiden is treated as royalty until she hands back the crown at the moot on Sunday. Every AWC has its own way of choosing her, but it’s usually someone who’s fairly new. She chooses her consort, who supports her during the conference.


The ritual is held on Saturday night and celebrates spring. The Spring Queen and her consort are to be included in the ritual in an appropriate way. A feast is held after the ritual and should reflect the importance of the celebration of spring.


A market is held on Sunday followed by a moot for discussion among those attending the conference.

Requiem Book & Ashes

Organisers should have custody of the requiem book and ashes and formally hand these over to the the next year’s organisers (or their representatives).


Talks, workshops, small rituals, and craft activities are provided by members of the community who are willing to share their skills and experience. The organisers are responsible for seeking/inviting presenters and scheduling the activities.

Conference Papers

Presenters are required to provide a summary or notes of their activity for inclusion in the AWC Conference Papers, which are made available to all participants as well as Associate Members and Full Members of AWC Inc.

What are the Safety requirements that we need to uphold in our Application?

Applicants must agree to ensure that the venue contracted to host the conference is of a suitable standard and that Public Liability insurance for the venue is confirmed by a Certificate of Currency that is in effect for the duration of the conference. Should the venue not offer Public Liability insurance to users, then the applicants will ensure that Public Liability insurance is secured.

Where can we find examples of the templates and policies that AWC Inc would like us to use?

Examples of templates for AWC Event websites, FAQs, Detailed lists, Location Recces, Communication Plans and any other relevant documentation that will aid future hosts can be found here. More will be added as they become available.

Here are copies of AWC Inc policy templates relating to the hosting of the Australian Wiccan Conference including (but not limited to);

  • Privacy Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Conference Papers Publishing Policy & Agreement for Presenters
  • Conditions Of Entry Terms and Conditions (Code Of Conduct)
  • Etiquette Guidelines for an AWC
  • Any State Specific Knife / Weapons Laws
  • Style Guide for the Use of the Australian Wiccan Conference Inc Logo, Name and Rights.

If you have questions regarding anything about the Application To Host process, please send a message using the Contact Us page.

The AWC Inc Committee gratefully acknowledges past and present organisers for their work in compiling the information and policies presented in these templates, and for providing them for the use of future organisers.

Timeline for AWC 2020 Bids

The timeline for the bidding process to host the Australian Wiccan Conference 2020 is as follows:

  • Bids open: Wednesday 13/03/19
  • Applications close: Wednesday 31/07/19
  • Candidates announced: Thursday 15/08/19.
    • In the event there is only one suitable application, they will win the bid by acclamation. In that case there will be no voting necessary.
    • If there is more than one suitable application there will be a vote from members of AWC Inc to decide the winning bid.
  • Voting commences: 15/08/19
  • Voting closes: 4 weeks later 12/09/19
  • Ballot counted and finalised: Within a week. 19/09/19
  • Winner announced: Publicly at 2019 Moot, privately to the winner on completion of ballot count.