Full Membership

Anyone may apply to be a Full Member of the AWC. There is an annual fee of $20 and Member’s benefits are:

  • Receive an electronic copy of the AWC Conference Papers, starting with the AWC in 2017, even if you were not able to attend the Conference;
  • Information and updates about AWC activities throughout the year;
  • Advance information and exclusive Priority Booking for the AWC – up to four weeks before general booking opens;
  • May be nominated for a position on the AWC Inc Committee;
  • May vote in all general meetings, which includes voting for Committee members;
  • May apply to organise an Australian Wiccan Conference; and
  • Will be entitled to a discounted registration fee at the Australian Wiccan Conference. Discount to be either a Percentage (%) of total fee or a dollar ($) amount to be decided at the discretion of the Conference Organising Committee of the given year.